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Saturday, June 15 at 7PM
at The Plum at TH2
Boiceville, NY (near Woodstock)
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Saturday, June18 at 7PM
The Plum at TH2, Boiceville, NY

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No Malarkey! at APAP 23
Zoom Performance & Interview for the Marsh – August 9, 2023

Joanna Interviewed by Tally Daniels

Colleen and I didn’t want to interrupt you last night as you were in conversation with others.  We talked about your performance all the way home!  Joanna, it is hard to find words to express our experience.  You were brilliant.  I will speak for myself here, I was mesmerized by not just your ability and presence but I LOVED the piece!!!  I loved how you weaved your life with Joe Biden’s.  I loved the humor, the poignancy, the relevance, the emotion, the show.  And those KICKS!!!!  GIRL!!!!  You rocked the house!  It had me riveted from start to finish.  It even felt completely natural to me that you moved from performing to reading.  It felt organic to me as an aging person.  All of it, Brava!!
-Darcy Johnson

Loved hearing your stories about your life experiences, loved that you used Joe to create and inform, loved your stage presence! Thank you.
-Laura Wallis